He is Special Needs

I kinda had an altercation with the staff from MacDonald’s last Saturday. And it sucks.

Let me bring you along my thought process that faithful morning.

The big children were bummed that school is resuming and mock exams are starting so they asked if I could bring them to Mac for breakfast.. I haven’t had food yet so I said, “why not. Let’s go.” Without thinking much, I said to the kids “lets bring Aaron”. Leaving the helper with the baby at home so she can have some peace and quiet too.

We loaded into the car and I asked the kids which Mac should we go to? The nearest which was located in a HDB mall, Bt Panjang Plaza or Hillion Mall.. The kids were saying they were hungry and I was thinking the mall might be crowded so we went to the one nearest to us.

The carpark was right behind the Mac.. maybe about 30 steps away.. there was a queue of about 3 families in front of us… the sitting area was full so they were only letting those who want to takeaway in first. so we waiting and I was fumbling with my phone trying to prepare to do SafeEntry for all of us… Hayden was carrying Aaron.. When it was our turn, I started scanning etc and the temperature taking aunty was trying to take our temperatures… Aaron kept turning away from her after smacking her hand away. Finally Megan held on to his head and she managed to “teet” him.

Next she asked, “How old is he” and I said calmly “3, he is special needs, he cannot put on a mask” the aunty then went on to say “everyone above 2 need to wear mask” then I said, “ya, I know. but he is special needs”… she then said she go and check with the manager… by then I was kind of self conscious because a queue was forming behind us. I saw her gesturing no mask no mask to the restaurant manager and she walked out again and he walked away. he then came out of the restaurant armed with a mask.

He then said to me “no mask cannot go into the restaurant.” I lost my cool and I shouted at him. SHOUTED “HE CANNOT WEAR A MASK, HE IS SPECIAL NEEDS”… after reflecting for the past 2 days, ya.. I think I am wrong to shout, but I was very frustrated and angry at everyone and everything.

Anyway… he then turned to the aunty and shouted at her. “why you never say he is special needs, make me get shouted by the customer” by then I was seething mad.. and he turned and ask me if I wanted to go into the restaurant. I replied him very loudly and in tears by then “my kids just want to eat MacDonalds, why are you making it so difficult for me”

He opened the door, we went in.

It ended up miserable for the kids coz I was just crying while the all ate in silence and aaron ate his hasbrown and drank his milo in oblivion.

Yes, people might say I should just keep him home or buy back from him. But that poor boy has been home since the April 6th. He took 2 car rides to pick the big kids and once was an appt to the salon which was a traumatic experience.. and I really didn’t think people would be so unforgiving towards a child.

I am not trying to be self entitled or demand that we be treated differently. I just feel that people need to understand what “he is special needs, he cannot put on a mask” means. I am not some idiot who is driving a rolls Royce and parking in the handicap lot because I think I am above the law…. I am really just trying to make my kids happy, spend some time with them doing things that they like. MacDonalds is not a Michelin Star restaurant that do not allow children.. it is MacDonalds. It really shouldn’t be such a painful and traumatic experience for all of us.

I know it might seem a bit drama and over the top. but if you have been reading this blog.. you would have notice I have so much pain in my heart. I feel so sorry for him and myself.

I need to wallow a bit in my sorrow and really pray that people will be merciful and less cruel to him. The older Aaron gets, the worse this will be.

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