Mummy, you must let go..

Irony + bullshit!

I went to register Aaron in the Church’s childcare for 2020 Nursery programme.. without any success. Why?? Because I know, he is not ready. Then why did I still go? Because I wanted to keep all options open for him.

He is non verbal, he also cannot follow instructions, he has very little comprehension on what we say. He is not near toilet training, he cannot self feed. He cannot do a lot of things.

And I was told, “Mummy, you must let go.. leave him with us and we will manage him in the school”

Really? Laughable.

It’s not that I cannot let go, I know my son’s capabilities, he is not a regular kid and I am not an overprotective Mother. I am not making up his diagnosis nor am I labelling him as disabled. I’m just trying to manage expectations. I sure don’t want to throw $2000 for this registration, force him into a setting and have the sch turn around and turn Aaron away. I unfortunately know him better than them.

We have a space in SJIJ when he turns 7. So if I let go (and let God) or if I take the leap of faith, or throw him to the deep end of the pool. Will anything change? Nope. He will never be in a mainstream school. Yes, you can say that I am closing his door and windows or whatever. But I am being practical. I don’t need people to tell me my Son is special. I know already my Son is special.

Come on people. Be realistic. It’s not me. It’s the system, it’s the society.

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