Approaching 2..

Aaron is turning 2 middle of this month. It calls for a celebration. As usual, an intimate one with family members and we are heading to Bintan for a short getaway. I have even booked a little photoshoot while we are there.

This year has been even more trying that the last.. we spent a good half of his 1st year being oblivious to all the issues he had.. thinking he will outgrow, it’s a matter of time, he is just slow… as the bits and pieces slowly unravel.. I have learnt that nothing can shock me as much anymore. I’m at a point where I take action of the information after processing it. Hearing loss, ok, what should we do? Go for a sedated procedure? Ok.. what’s next? Hearing aids? Ok, lets make them.. and tadah.. misery and heartbreak takes a back seat.. they creep in occasionally, I wallow in sorrow a little, but life goes on.

So where are we at now.. he is going to be 2? You see.. the very big problem is that he is really the “joseph schooling” of special needs kids in Singapore. He is actually pretty brilliant. Yes he has gross motor issues, but he walks. Yes he is hearing impaired, but we fixed it with the hearing aid, Yes he has oromotor delays that is causing some feeding issues, but he doesn’t need to be on a feeding tube. When I am forced to look at life like this, I am also forced to be thankful and grateful.

I am not saying that I am not thankful and grateful. I am.. it’s just that I am greedy. I don’t see why I cannot be greedy. Why God? Why Aaron?

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