Rainbow & Sunshine

Aaron started school 4 weeks ago.

He has been doing great! Not great like he can speak, answer, listen to instructions, but he is slowly getting into the routine and is very compliant. He knows what to do when he gets to the snack table, he knows when he sees the apron he has to wear it and he recognise the songs.

He loves food exploration which is a sensory activity. He had to hammer some digestive biscuits and played with it.. he ate it all up too!

Aaron was also very open about sensory play.. something he struggled with when he was doing the tea and tots program at IIS..

Overall I would say that school has helped him in some ways but it fell short of my expectations when it came to the therapy aspect.

His Teachers came over for a house visit.. and it was very stressful for me because I don’t like being judged and I don’t like people invading my personal space. It went ok.. with them getting a better idea of how our family works and how his daily routine is like at home. They wanted to set goals and I felt it was very unrealistic as I am a very practical person. No point to aim for SJIJ when we all know it’s not going to happen or work out for him right? I’m very ok with how things are.. maybe too comfortable in my “acceptance” stage of grieve that I am a strong believer of having no expectations lead to no disappointments. Oh wait, that seems like I’m still in the stage of denial.

Oh well, I should give the school a chance.. I should reserve my comments to myself & not expect much. As long Aaron is happy. I’m happy.

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