Hearing Thing..

Ok, so his hearing on the right is not perfect. The drs called it “mild hearing loss”.. his left ear is alright. So.. here comes my drama…

You see, they kinda decided that it is a mockery to fit hearing aids for a child with ONLY mild hearing loss. In their logic, mild is as good as perfect. Ok.. i can see how it is the best of all the different classification of hearing loss- moderate, profound…

However, no one (audiologist, ENT dr) gets what i am trying to say. Arghh.. Aaron has a whole list of issues, which some people think its make believe but seriously.. whatever ok?

Global Developmental Delay

  • Hypotonia – low muscle tone, poor balance, pronated feet
  • Oromotor delay – chokes on his food and cannot chew and bite food off
  • non verbal – no speech, babbling or sounds
  • no communication by pointing, gesturing
  • cognitively delayed (not sure at what level coz too young to determine)
  • fine motor delay
  • MILD hearing loss on this right ear

So.. the list goes on.. but you get the idea…

I insisted on getting fitted for hearing aids for his right ear so that he can have 100% hearing. This is for ME <– yes.. ME.. to eliminate hearing from being the cause of other issues like balance, speech and cognition. They wont hear of it and they think i am crazy.

I mean come on… seriously nobody gets what i am trying to say? Maybe for a normal child who has mild hearing loss will “survive” and not have many issues showing up.. BUT WE ARE NOT NORMAL.

There is a very fine line between crazy and acknowledging that my son is “faulty” and it is up to me to fix him.

I need more advocates for Aaron. I can’t just be the only crazy bitch going on and on, fighting this losing battle with people who live beautiful and wonderful lives with their perfectly made children. <– i know this is not a fair statement, but i get to be a bitch, sometimes.

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