This is a super rant post.

EIPIC is this early intervention program for children with special needs. I have many bones to pick with how the system is run.

Step 1:

Get referred for EIPIC. this can come from either the neuro/genetics or whoever thinks the child needs early intervention.

Step 2:

See a Medical Social Worker. Ok.. this is where my unhappiness starts. WHY do i need to see a MSW? Why? All that fake sympathy is very very irritating. When i want to enrol a typical kid to sch, there’s no need to see a MSW. Why must this be so different?

Step 3:

Choose on paper a sch. I cannot visit the school to see which will work best for us. I cannot go talk to the principal and see if she is passionate and knows how to help me and Aaron. I cannot go visit the school to see if the environment is what i want. WHY? coz its a special school!

Its really like they want to hide the schools.

Step 4:

Wait. ok.. this i can accept. But the waiting time can go up to 18 months. then what early intervention are we talking about?


ok.. why am i so upset. i am upset because the government hides special needs kids. they rule them the “death sentence” and create a path of no return for them. Honestly, aaron is unable to attend a normal school now. And so this EIPIC thing will kinda work out for him. But i am disgusted at how kids who are special are being treated like that. WITH VERY LITTLE PRIDE AND DIGNITY.

sure.. people swear by the program. but why must it be like that. being a special needs parents is already very hard.

go to the SGenable webbie and you will see its more difficult to apply than to apply for a scholarship.

what pisses me most is, their mindset that POOR PEOPLE TEND TO HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS. WTF! oh well. it was very humiliating for me but i dont seem to have a choice.

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