And now the right ear..

We were sent to do a hearing test 2 weeks ago and Aaron failed the right ear.. The clinicians were very meticulous and kept trying about 3 times and they told me that they think that he is impaired on the right.

So, an ENT specialist appointment was made and we saw her yesterday. She cleared all the wax in his ears, surprisingly the left had wax and the right didn’t and she found that he had some fluid in his right mid ear. She says to give it 6 weeks, and see if it clears by itself. If it doesn’t, we will have a few options, one being to sedate him, cut open his ear drum, insert a tube and drain the fluid, then do an more accurate hearing test.

Aaron actually passed his newborn hearing test. So we are hoping it is due to some mid ear infection or fluid build up that caused the ear to be “blocked”.

Actually, i was quite emo about failing the hearing test. It felt like we are discovering drama after drama. But, i kinda think that IF say he really is impaired, it is something that i can fix! So that kind of gave me a bit more hope. At most he has to explore hearing aids or implants. But we can definitely mechanically solve this issue. Unlike the mountain of other issues we are facing.

With hearing cleared, speech would not seem so bleak.

I’ll wait for the day he calls me, Mama.

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