Our neuro decided not to refer us to early intervention (EIPIC) because she feels that Aaron has “a chance to be normal”.

So we are still stuck with appointments of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy as well as speech therapy (starting in Jan 2018) and occupational therapy (starting Mar 2018) on a weekly basis.

Costs aside, time aside.. I know these therapies are essential. But why not just send us to an EIPIC school and have a more wholesome approach to things. Yes, i am grumbling because it does take up alot of my time to send him from home to KKH for a 30min “swim”..

Anyway, this brings me to the most important thing i wanted to rant about. Expectations. Of course my Neuro is comparing Aaron to all the children who have neurological issues or some developmental delay etc.. therefore, when she compares with kids like them, Aaron is practically like Joseph Schooling. Olympic gold medalist, brilliant, amazing, wonderful. BUT, he isn’t when we compare him with kiddos his age.

SO where is the line? How do i manage my expectations? What should my expectations be?

It is very very very easy for someone to tell me stuff like the following

  • in his time
  • in God’s time
  • slowly
  • it takes time
  • he looks fine
  • is he better
  • is he walking
  • he will walk
  • he will be ok

Pls.. stop.

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