Happy 1st Birthday Aaron

Aaron isn’t “related” to me on social media. Which means that little of my friends know about him. Why? Because maybe i never got around announcing my pregnancy, doing a gender reveal, welcoming his birth, complain about pregnancy woes, documenting his every move.

He has his Instagram account and that’s it.

Because of this strange phenomena… how do we celebrate?? So we decided to celebrate it as family and we went to a secluded private island resort.

Our trip began with a 2.5 hour ride.. he slept thru most of it.

After a high speed 20 min bumpy boat ride… we reached the resort. Its not that Aaron isn’t happy, its just him with his grumpy face.. being Aaron, he has no stranger anxiety or separation anxiety.. which is both good and bad..

Aaron is curious and prefers to “stand” however, he doest know how to move he legs, he will randomly move his arms to the next bar, and so, he ends up stuck. We encouraged him to stand more to figure stuff out (hopefully). He really enjoyed watching the waves crashing in.

His first experience at the beach was really hysterical.. to him it must have been really weird with the sensations from the sand, the waves crashing in, the salty taste of the water.. but i must say.. he really enjoyed it!

Gorgeous sunset that brings him from infancy to toddlerhood! Before we move on, i just wanna add a note here that i find it very challenging when people ask, can he walk yet? No. Is he crawling all over the place? No. Has he called papa, mama? No. And I know, the questions will keep coming. I try to educate the people whom i think matters in our lives. But when they don’t get it. Its just very hard for me. Hearing all the he is slow, everything will be ok, you are just overreacting. Seriously??? Then why did the neuro offer us so many tests? Professionally and medically she must also think something is wrong too. Right??


Happy Birthday my littlest.

We bought a cake from the mainland for a cake smash because there was a little mistake when we booked a photo shoot. But all is good and he really really enjoyed cake!!

The apprehension.. can i really have this all to myself???

Hmmm… the cream feels funny but tastes good!! (I put some cream in his mouth to give him a taste)

There’s no stopping him!! Haha..

at 1 point, he dozed off.. he must be thinking all the cake he is eating is a dream.. a beautiful dream! Haha

All things must come to an end. Now we all know how much he loves cake!

A quick wash in the salty ocean.. completes his cake smash with a sea salt chocolate oreo cake experience..

Happy Birthday my baby boy.. I wish you acceptance.

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